07 November 2008

Eating Locally

When we first moved to Eastern Washington from Davis, CA more than 5 years ago now, the thing we mourned the loss of the most was our CSA subscription.  Our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) was our way of eating fresh, locally grown produce, and provided endless hours of entertainment as we tried to figure out how to use certain vegetables.  We moved up here to what seemed like a wasteland (you'll understand if you've ever been to Eastern WA) and tried in vain to find a CSA.  After all, it is such an agricultural area, we figured someone was bound to have a CSA.  After fruitless searches of the web, and speaking to every farmer at the farmer's market, I was resigned to do without my beloved CSA and took heart in the fact that there was a farmer's market to begin with.  
Last spring I was reading our newspaper when I happened to see a small 1" x 3" ad with the very cryptic words of, "Eat Locally" and there was a phone number.  Could it be?  Yes it was.  A fairly large local farm was starting a CSA and put out a small feeler in the newspaper to see if there was any response.  Last year, there were 48 subscribers in the CSA.  Thanks to the glowing reviews of the customers and a large article in the paper this year, there were 250 subscribers this year and the farmer plans to add a couple hundred more next year.  This area was crying out for a way to eat locally.
This is my sad goodbye to my CSA box for this growing season.  Now that it is November, the weather is just too cold to sustain anything else.  But what a season it was.  I took the photo above as I was reveling in the beauty of local food.  The last box of the CSA season, and my first dozen eggs from my winter egg subscription.  I'm thinking a locally grown frittata?  Mmmm.  If you live in Eastern Washington and are interested in finding locally grown eggs or are interested in participating in the CSA, I'll include the resources below.  If you live no where near here, never fret.  CSA's are the hottest thing in farming.  Do a search of your own and I'm sure you will find local farmers selling their products.
The thing I love the best about buying locally grown foods and particularly being in a CSA, is knowing the farmer and whose work went into the foods you eat.  It just makes everything taste all the better.  

Greene Hills Farm (egg subscription):  http://greenehillsfarm.com/


The Peanut Butter Boy said...

Eating locally is the way to go, especially here in Davis! All the great local produce makes me want to just eat all the time, and I do!

Vij said...

Hi joie
Thanks for the comments in my space. You too have a lovely space. Its gr8 to know abou ur interest in Indian cooking. I will be posting even more easy to fix Indian dishes pretty soon in my blog.
Till then happy cooking! n happy blogging! Do keep visiting my little space :-) hugs!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I wonder about using green tomatoes in the pumpkin instead of tomatillos. The thing with the tomatillos would be they're firmer than a ripe tomato in texture. Maybe there's another veggie I'm not thinking of at the moment.

Really terrific that you've found a great local supply like you have now!

Mary-Laure said...

Eating locally is so great, eco friendly and nothing tastes like super fresh food...

Sam said...

I have a box delivered every two weeks, it's so nice to have fresh vegetables delivered to my door.

It's great that you've managed to find a scheme here you are.

A scientist in the kitchen said...

While don't have the CSA concept here in the Philippines, we're lucky that we grow our own chicken. Hens freshly laid egg anytime, sometime they're still warm from the hen's body!


Anonymous said...

I have been looking for a CSA in my area and can't find one. Bummer! So my husband and I go to our local farmers market every week.