05 November 2008

My first attempt at a fashion post

For the past few months, I have been reticent in my promises of discussing how to dress well.  I apologize for my negligence however with the changing of the seasons, I can remain silent no longer.  In the summer, especially here in the desert, I can let a few fashion faux pas go.  After all, it is hot and really, tank tops and shorts are probably the most efficient way of keeping cool.  Now that the weather is cooling off however, one can't be so lucky to get by with slovenly apparel.  The biggest offenders I see of fashion malice are stay at home moms.  When I first "stopped working" I too fell into the trap of, "Why take a shower when I'm just going to be thrown up on 5 minutes after I get out?"  However, within a few weeks, I realized the error of my ways.  I would pass by a mirror and physically lose energy and the will to do anything constructive simply because I hadn't taken the time to take care of myself.  I soon made it a PRIORITY to 1. take a shower, 2. put on make-up, and 3. make the bed.  Even if I accomplished nothing more in the day after that, I felt better about myself as a human if I accomplished those three things.  I'm not saying at the end of the day I wasn't covered in baby vomit head to toe, but I felt better about myself.
Now that my boys are a bit bigger, of course my accomplishments throughout the day are much greater as they are not reliant on me to be a milk maker, diaper changer, and general soother, but my philosophy from those baby days remains consistent, if you dress like your appearance matters to you, you will have more energy and feel better about yourself.
I see so many moms my age whose hair is laying lank and lifeless on their heads, wearing no make-up and in the typical "mom uniform" (jeans and t-shirts).  Not that there is anything wrong with this "uniform", it is very functional especially when you are cleaning bathrooms, you don't want to bleach stain a good blazer, but you can still dress well.
Take my outfit today for instance.  Yes, it is the "mom uniform" a simple sweater from Eddie Bauer and jeans.  I am playing house cleaning catch-up today so I don't want to go too "fancy" because of my above reason, I don't want to bleach stain anything I really care about.  But, I can take my outfit and make it a little more put together looking.  My sweater does have a very plain neckline so I took a nice lacy scarf and tied it around my neck (this can be removed when scrubbing bathrooms!).  When I drove my son to school, I layered a nice fitted 5 button beige blazer over the top and looked quite chic.  
Make-up is a must in my opinion definitely if you are a mother (one must cover those under eye circles) and also if you are not a mother but are over 30.  We no longer have that ideal skin we had in our young 20's and a little foundation goes a long way in helping us to put our best foot forward.
Even though my day will consist purely of caring for my children, carpooling, cleaning and blogging, I still took the time to look my best today and I feel my energy level is higher for it.  Try it and you will be amazed at how much better you feel inside.


Nicole said...

You look very put together. Bravo. I go back and forth between looking decent and "mommy syndrome". Partly as I am not a morning person and just having clothes on at all is a huge feat. I actually wear less make-up now (at 41) than I did in my 20's!!! Partly because of the styles but also my skin is actually nicer. Then I had more blemishes even though now I see some wrinkles beginning to show. But you are sooooo right about how you look helping your energy and how you feel. I have a much better day if I look good. Even if it is tres fashionable sweats and a funky hat. Not crumby sweats and ballcap.

Christine said...

I am a mommy of two little girls ages 19 months and 5 months. Today my 19 month old is teething and screaming bloody murder...my 5 month old did sympathy crying...so I had the whole symphony playing today. When I go out I dress well when I am at home sometimes I don't make it to the shower (cringes) but I always make sure I do at night and make the bed then..and clean the house and after all that I blog or bake sometimes both. You really made me laugh and its nice to know someone knows how I feel! I shall strive to be classier when I am in home because you are right, I get deflated if I look in the mirror and see how I look!

Foodycat said...

You do look lovely!

I wear makeup every day to work, so I give my skin a break on weekends, but you have just reminded me that I should really shampoo my hair today!

I also think the power of nice underwear with the jeans and tshirt can't be underestimated. I may look like crud on the outside but I know it is there and hold myself differently.