04 January 2009

Cowgirl Chocolates

A few months ago, Foodbuzz, my blog ad sponsors, started an opt-in program for foodies wishing to preview certain food related products in return for reviews.  Free food related products?  Of course, I signed up immediately.  Foodbuzz continues to amaze me with their innovations and ideas and how well they treat their featured publishers.  While I was away in Hawaii, I received a 1/4 lb. package of Cowgirl Chocolate assorted truffles.  Foodbuzz, you have found the right girl for this mission.

Let me start out by saying I am a huge fan of the Dagoba xocolatl chocolate bar.  They combine chilies and dark chocolate into a spicy, yummy interpretation of how the Aztec royalty liked their chocolate.  When I read Foodbuzz's description of Cowgirl Chocolates as being, "sweet and spicy gourmet chocolates for adventurous chocolate lovers" I was already primed and ready to love them.

Opening the package, I was impressed all the more.  The box of chocolates was exquisitely wrapped in a double thickness of tissue paper with Cowgirl Chocolates logo of a cowgirl looking down the barrel of a gun at you on top.  Removing the tissue paper, I found a sturdy little red box very nicely tied with black ribbon and a silver colored cowgirl hat button threaded through it.  It was a very nice touch, very luxurious looking, and already I was thinking this would make a perfect little hostess gift for someone.

On the inside, more beauty, as opening the top revealed 10 candies, each rolled in a different color of shiny cellophane.  Ahhh.  Having two boys, I love pretty things like this since we have so few of them in our house!  Also inside was a flavor guide separated into "spicy" and "mild" flavors.  Oh boy, was I ever ready.  My first selection was a beauty in a brown cellophane wrapper, the habanero dark chocolate.  Are you ready? (P.S.  No, I didn't eat them all in one day...It took me a week!)

Brown cellophane:  Habanero dark chocolate (spicy)
This chocolate was very smooth.  The spice builds as you swallow.  The exterior is shiny with a pretty design on top.  It doesn't melt extremely easily on the tongue but it is extremely satisfying.

Aqua cellophane:  Double dark chocolate (mild)
Light fudgy inside.  Very smooth chocolate, melts on tongue easily.

Clear cellophane:  Habanero caramel (spicy)
There was an immediate tingle on the tongue.  This one was hot, Hot, HOT!  I tried to chew it to finish it faster and the burning only intensified.  It was not altogether an unenjoyable sensation, but I did not really enjoy it as a candy.  This was the only one out of the bunch I did not appreciate.

Orange cellophane:  Ivory orange (mild)
This was a very pretty truffle with a layered look of white and milk chocolate.  It smelled "orange-y".  The chocolate was extremely smooth and the orange and chocolate worked very well together.

Fuschia red cellophane:  Raspberry Lemon (mild)
This had a creamy raspberry filling.   My notes on it were merely, "Mmmmm" underlined three times.  Enough said.

Silver cellophane:  Milk chocolate (mild)
This one was very smooth but doesn't melt on the tongue as readily as some of their other chocolates.

Red cellophane:  Raspberry dark chocolate (spicy)
Oh wow.  The spiciness really works well with the raspberry.

Copper cellophane:  Cappuccino (spicy)
My husband's observation on this one was that it "tasted like a really creamy and smooth version of chocolate coated coffee beans" and "that's actually REALLY GOOD".  It is spicy, but not too spicy.  The spicy and the coffee flavors really work well together.

Dark blue cellophane:  Hazelnut Milk Chocolate (spicy)
Tingly on the tongue.  Spicy and smooth.

Gold cellophane:  Double Dark Chocolate (spicy)
Compared to some of their chocolates, this one was a "tad" gritty, but we're comparing really good chocolate against really, really good chocolate.  I'm just finding things to pick on really.

I was sad to get to the end of these chocolates as all of them (minus the habanero caramels which were just way too spicy to be enjoyable to me) were exceptional.  They were beautiful, had good snap, melted well of the tongue and were very smooth.  I will definitely be buying more of these as they would make fabulous gifts for the foodies and chocoholics in your life.  They also have a line of spicy hot chocolates which I am very excited to try.  

You can order Cowgirl Chocolates at www.cowgirlchocolates.com.  Cowgirl chocolate's has a fabulous product here well worth checking out.  If you are interested in becoming a fan of Cowgirl Chocolates on Foodbuzz, their Foodbuzz profile is linked here.  Thanks again Foodbuzz for giving me the opportunity to not only try something new, but to try something so wonderful!


Bob said...

Oooo, those sound good. Great review. :)

But wtf, why didn't I get some!? I didn't get an apron, I didn't get funky chocolates, what's going on here Foodbuzz? Heh, oh well. I'll only complain so much about not getting free stuff. ;)

Sheila said...

Wow, I didn't know foodbuzz offered all of that. The chocolates sound like a fun blend of two of my favorites: spicy and of course chocolate.

♥Reeni said...

You did a great review! They sound delicious and beautifully presented.

Wandering Coyote said...

That was a very good review. Hm. I don't remember being invited to opt into this particular program, but I'm going to find out how I can now!

Chef E said...

You did make me like chocolate even more than normal...

ashley (sweetandnatural) said...

Hi - thanks for the comment on my blog! I've seen these chocolate around the blog world and they look fantastic. Glad to hear they taste just as good!

sowmya said...

great review..

Sam said...

They all sound delicious! great review.

Robin Sue said...

The chocolate looks good! I just wanted to let you know that I started reading THE BOOK and I am loving it so far. So I will be ready to comment on Friday with the next chapters!

Grabmale said...

This is really good advertising for foodbuzz. Did I already said, that I love chocolate?

Anonymous said...

The ivory orange and hazelnut ones sound too good to be true. How lucky you are!!!

Matt said...

free chocolate :)

Kat said...

Great review, I've got such a chocolate craving now.
It's posts like these that make me think that there should be some sort of a warning signs system for chocolate related posts on foodie blogs. You know, that when you've just had your fill and you stumble upon one you can steer clear in order to avoid major munchies coming on :)

Katherine Aucoin said...

Those choclates were decadent. I enjoyed doing that review too!

Dr. C said...

oh wow!! this is good eh!!!!! :) Do you like Chinese food too?

weee.. if you do happen to visit my hometown in Kuching (part of Malaysia), do let me know.. I can bring you around for great food! :D

xoxo, Carolyn

Michelle said...

Excellent review! I've opted into the same FoodBuzz program and can't wait for stuff to start arriving. Now I want chocolate...

Foodycat said...

I love the sound of the spicy cappucino chocolate! How gorgeous.

anudivya said...

Habanero chocolate? Wow! Never would have thought about it in my wildest dreams.
Got a few habaneros once and added a tiny bit in 2 pizzas... that was it. Never looked back at it again.