06 April 2009

Weight Loss Weekly

Weight loss weekly is a weekly collaboration between me and three other bloggers who are trying to lose weight.  Join us as we discuss tips, tricks, strategies, as well as our successes and failures on our weight loss journeys.

Weight loss weekly has a new collaborator!  Bernie from Yo-yo No More has joined us in our weekly column and I am so excited.  Bernie is so insightful about herself and her weight loss journey.  She is a no holds barred type of writer and just lays all of her emotions on the line.  I really respect her honesty and can see so much of myself and what I struggle with in her.  Hop on over to her lovely blog and welcome her!

Today, Nurit from 1 Family. Friendly. Food asks:

You’re trying to lose weight and eat good food, but there is a type of food or drink that you love so much. It could be junk food, it could be loaded with calories but you just got to have it. You might be able to avoid it in the short-term for the sake of your diet, but not all your life. It’s your weak-spot-food. What is it and why do you love it or crave it so much?

Here is what the other three have to say:

Bernie says:
"In this, my attempt at weight loss #982 736 001, I am determined to succeed like never before. Gone are the days of fad diets, restrictive food lists, obsessive weighing and the torturous feelings of deprivation and despair...... Read more at Yo-yonomore

Nurit says:
“There are a few weak spots for me, but I can narrow it down to two, heavy cream and baked goods. Since I can remember myself, I was fascinated by heavy cream... Read more at 1 family. friendly. food.

Sunny says:
"I'm still not sure the right way to deal with all my favorite bad-for-you foods. Should I limit myself to eating some of my favorite things only 1 day a week? Like an "eat whatever you want day"?" keep reading at www.ThatExtra20Pounds.blogspot.com

I say:

Weaknesses? Yeah, I can name a few dozen. Weaknesses can be shored up, however the irrational frenzy I feel when around a pepperoni pizza is another thing entirely! Oh pizza, why do you torment me so?

This is a photo of one of my very first blog posts Pizza Margherita

There is just something about pizza...the saltiness (Pepperoni is my favorite), the dough, the tomato sauce, the cheese...I know this is not a typical Weight Loss Weekly post for me, but if we are talking about weaknesses, I need to show you the extent of my obsession.

Homemade thyme foccacia, I believe this does count as a pizza

In the past 11 months, I have blogged 5 different pizza posts. Pizza alone is not necessarily bad for one who is dieting, it is the overeating of pizza that is bad. For some reason beyond me, I have the best of intentions when I begin eating pizza. I'll drink a glass or two of water, I'll serve one piece of pizza on a small plate and put the rest of the pizza in the oven to stay warm, I'll fill up my plate with vegetables, I'll mentally rehearse eating just one slice...yeah, I've tried them all, but pizza is just something that once I start, all reason goes out the window and I become frenzied!

I have tried experimenting with crusts using whole wheat in an attempt to fill up my tummy, this does work a little, but I don't stick with the whole wheat.

After looking at all of these photos, I wonder if I am a little masochistic!  I obviously love pizza, but I always feel guilty after eating 4 or 5 slices (oh, yes I do eat 4-5 slices)  Perhaps the answer for me is to try to stay away from pepperoni pizza as much as possible and just realize that it is a weakness.  Perhaps my problem is thinking I can control my obsession and that is where the guilty feeling is stemming from, because I can't control it.  Perhaps my best bet is pepperoni pizza abstinence and when I do occasionally indulge, just realize that this food is my weakest spot, indulge and enjoy, and just realize that the amount I consume cannot warrant having it more than once every month or two.  Actually, just typing those words gave me some sort of freedom from the frenzy.  

Indulge my inner monologue for a moment, will you?  I went to Chuck E. Cheese with the kiddos a few days ago and had 5 pieces of pepperoni pizza.  Okay, I felt enormously guilty afterwards, but let me just change this inner dialogue.  So I had 5 pieces of pizza, and they were good.  Wow, that was a lot of pizza and it did derail my diet this week, but, it happens, I'm human.  I need to get right back on the healthy eating train and just forgive myself.  Should I eat pizza every week?  Not if I want to continue on my new lifestyle.  Can I forgive myself for overindulging in pizza every couple of months?  Yes, I think I can make peace with that.


Momgateway said...

Give me pizza anytime...yum!

Berni at Yo-yonomore said...

Thanks for the intro :) Sound like you've got a pepperoni pizza plan.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah. we only have one life to live, so why not enjoy ourselves? indulging once or month or so is PERFECTLY acceptable, even NECESSARY, in my opinion! yay pizza!

Cathy said...

Good job Joie...I firmly believe beating yourself up over something you enjoy cannot be healthy for you. Enjoy your pizza fixes every couple of months....walk it off and remember that life is to be enjoyed too. Pizza is my weakness (well, and wine) so I compromise by making it at home every couple of weeks and then once every few months I order the double cheeseburger pizza from the local place and eat 4 slices....and then row for 30 minutes.

Teanna said...

I think you have a great perspective on eating food you love... it's ok to do it every so often, but do it in moderation! Who can resist pizza???

Sunny said...

Oooh, pizza is one of my favorites! Unfortunately I have to eat it more than once every couple of months. :)

portugueseflavours said...

I also love pizza and this one looks great!

Helene said...

What a great pizza.

Laura said...

Pizza I can take or leave thankfully. I would like to join up with the group for weight loss...if possible. Thanks!

Katherine Aucoin said...

I love your new look!! Pizza? Yes, always!

Nurit - 1fff said...

Ooooooooo, someone moved to Wordpress, or is it only a new design?
Looks nice!!!

Nurit - 1fff said...

I bet you would not love it as much if you had to eat it every day! (would you?). So when you do, enjoy it. Just not too often ;-).
Do french women eat pizza?

Julie Pia said...

I also love pizza. So, here's my problem/dilema. I am better off NOT eating anything junky because once I get started, I CAN'T stop. Do you have that problem? I've always been the girl who finishes her plate, no matter what. Help!!!!!

P.S. I loved the tea idea. It's been wonderful. I had no idea Green tea was so good for you. I've been drinking a lot of pomegranate/cranberry green tea.

I love your blog girl. You are awesome.
Keep it comin!

Ulla said...

I love pizza! And you are so beautiful! Congrats on the weightless:)

Jenn said...

Pizza is one of my weaknesses too. When I went through my weightloss last year I had put myself on a semi-strict regime in terms of food. But as some have already said it's good to induldge a little bit on something that makes you feel happy. It's really a morale booster, if you ask me.

Reeni♥ said...

I love pizza too! Home-made is the best. I think once every few months is O.K. to indulge and eat a little more than usual. I wouldn't beat yourself up over it or anything.

Sarah Herman said...

Mexican food, all sweets and fried pickles! I try to eat these infrequently!!!

Dragon said...

Now that is a good looking pizza!

kvg said...

I have the exact same weakness with pepperoni pizza! I always have the best intentions when I open the box but it all goes out the window with the first bite. I think your idea of having a different kind of pizza instead of pepperoni might be the key for me! So next time it's ham and pineapple, or veggie! That I think I can resist. Thanks for the great new tip!

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

Homemade pizza is so much better than takeout at least!

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

I am so happy to have found your blog, thru Goldilocks blog, and I'll keep following this because I am all about the weight loss too. I could use the encouragement and tips. Thanks.

Love the photos!!

Angie's Recipes said...

I believe that many, if not all, women, have the similar conflicting experiences when comes to diet. I used to just eat fish, veggies, and fruit....no carbohydrates, no pork, no beef, no chocolate, no cheese, no wine, no desserts, no nothing.....once I made a record for eating 11 apples a day, as a consequence, my stomach suffered and I felt like hell. I have learned not to go to extremes, but there are still days I love to pamper myself with a little more of this and that. Like yesterday, I had a huge chunk of my fav. moussecake with one or two glasses of sparkling wine in the afternoon, so I told myself to leave the dinner away and had 2 slices of bread and 2 pieces of Gouda together with a whole cup of Puer tea. (Anyone knows Puer tea? It helps to break down oily and fatty food and aid digestion. )

Tangled Noodle said...

Honestly, I have a whole menu of food weaknesses! The first step for me in controlling them was not to have them in the house (so no pre-made rice puddings, chocolate bars, etc.) But there was a point when I made them 'forbidden' and quite frankly, it made me unhappy. I much prefer the trade-off solution proposed by Brian Wansink: what am I willing to give up in exchange for eating my weakness food? And is it worth it? This thinking has helped me control the weaknesses w/o completely eliminating them from my life!

Joan said...

Oh! Pepperoni Pizza is one of my biggest weaknesses. I am not really dieting right now but I am trying to control my weight.

Like you, I have limited myself to pizza once every other month. Then I eat it, enjoy it, and refuse to feel guilty.

It wouldn't be so bad if I liked the thin crust type pizza. But, no, I like the thick deep dish crust.