23 February 2009

Weight Loss Weekly

Weight loss weekly is a weekly collaboration between me and three other bloggers trying to lose weight.  Join us as we discuss our strategies, successes and pitfalls on our weight loss journeys.

Giyen from Bacon is my enemy asks:  "What is the most ridiculous thing you've tried in the name of weight loss?"

I am fortunate that I have never been lured by anything risky.  I've never done the low carb, high carb, grapefruit, apple cider vinegar diets or anything like that.  To me, those always seemed too confusing.  Once, my neighbor gave me a book about eating something like 40% of your calories in carbohydrates, 30 % protein and 30% fat (something like that) but after reading two or three pages, I had to put the book down.  It was just WAY too confusing for me.  For me, eating should not be confusing.

The craziest thing I have ever done is to assume that eating the same way time and time again would not give me the same results.  I was slowly gaining weight year after year, but assuming that I wouldn't keep doing that even though I was changing nothing about the way I ate or moved.  Now that is either craziness, or complete ignorance!

I suppose when I looked at my own craziness, it somehow seemed insignificant to the craziness one must possess to believe that drinking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before every meal would help burn more calories.  Perhaps I should have been more crazy, it might have helped me make the connection earlier that what I put in my mouth affects my weight.  Hmmm....

What is the craziest thing you have ever done in the name of weight loss?  (I promise I won't judge!)

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Tangled Noodle said...

The craziest thing I've ever done to lose weight was also one of the most dangerous: I drastically cut my caloric intake! Instead of 1600-1800 cals/day (suggested for someone of my height, weight, age and exercise regimen), I was sometimes eating around 1000. I lost weight, alright, but I also suffered dizziness and loss of mental focus - I once stepped out into traffic and literally couldn't understand why cars were honking at me! Scary.

Lessons learned! You had it right from the beginning, to keep it simple, healthy, and trusting your body to let you know what it needs!

tavolini said...

I suppose mine would be similar to yours. I want to lose some weight, but absolutely refuse to give up pizza or beer...I need to find the pizza and beer diet ;)

Reeni said...

The craziest thing I have ever done was not eat and exercise for three hours a day. I lost a lot of weight and looked good but horrible at the same time if that makes sense! I was thin but sickly. It was many years ago and luckily I was able to stop myself before I made myself really sick.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it is crazy or more stupid. I ordered a bunch of pills online, promising that I would loose weight easily. It only took one day. After that, I was so dizzy and my heart was racing. They ended up in the trash!

Anonymous said...

Drinking vinegar? Does it really burn claroies or make you lose your apetite?

Crazy Pants said...

It's amazing how long it took me to realise that eating the same way was getting me the same results. Even after changing my patterns and losing weight, I really didn't see that going back to my old habits would mean I would put all the weight back on. There is a list of crazy diets I've followed but I think it's my lack of insight that has really been the craziest.

Chef E said...

I found out today I lost 20 pounds by changing my eating habits and hitting the treadmill and pool I had long forgotten...fiber sure helps!

Anonymous said...

My crazy behavior involves not only eating the same way and expecting to lose weight (which was a common strategy of mine), but also simultaneously journaling and reading and "working" on weight loss while consciously doing things that are contrary: like ordering a pizza and eating 6 of 8 slices AS I JOURNAL ABOUT WEIGHTLOSS. Or eating cheesecake while crying about my weight. That's crazy right? Now when I eat cheesecake I let myself enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Love this weekly group -- great idea! One of my crazy stunts was a diet I made up where I basically only ate cottage cheese and fruit. Needless to day it wasn't very satisfying or sustainable!